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June 21, 2012
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Hey everyone! I was (REALLY) bored a while back, and didn't know what to draw. I decided to look for memes to do, and bookmarked a bunch of memes that I thought were interesting that I might want to do later.

...Well... I went a little overboard... So here I have a list of two hundred memes. Yes. Two hundred. It used to be a bit more, but I appear to have misplaced some, and I deleted some links that weren't working anymore. A few of these memes I don't really care for, but I thought others might like them, so I put them in anyway.

Anyways, about the list. I attempted to categorize it a bit for convenience (yours, not mine, sorting them out took forever... DX ) I've also typed a small description for each category. I realize now that there are some that may better fit in another category rather than the current, but I'm tired of sorting and don't want to deal with it, to be perfectly honest. D: If it really bugs you that much, send me a note and I'll see if I can fix it.

EDIT 2-9-2013: I've added more memes! There's about 80 more added to this list now. (77, to be exact.)

I've also decided to create a new category, "Number/Mad Libs", along with a description for the category. some memes from the Situational/Prompts category have been moved here.

EDIT 5-4-2013: I've added even more memes, and I've taken out some links that weren't working anymore. The list is getting quite big... I don't think I'll be adding any more for a long while. I've also added a new category, Writing memes! I'm not a writer though, so I can't guarantee they're going to be good. >>; This is probably the only category I'll be trying to add more to.

I also found a link to generate random numbers, if you want to do a meme randomly. It can be found at the bottom of the list.

Also, if too many people dislike the size of the new list, let me know in a note and I can revert it to how it was before, or try to trim it down I suppose.

*end edit info*

***If, later on, a link goes dead, please let me know through a note and I'll get rid of it. I don't want a huge list of invalid links!***

Well, here's the list! Hope you find something you like!


These memes already have something for you to draw on. Just make it your own.

001. BROFIST MEME by *iPl0x

002. Shower thoughts meme by ~abskiem

003. WHY WON'T ANYONE Template by *ArtArmada

These are memes centered around animals.

004. 100 animals challenge by *StapledSlut

005. The Animal Meme -Blank- by *AudreyHorse

006. Animal OC Age Meme by ~RoevChan

007. Animals Meme by ~Riiko96

008. Baby seal meme by ~Sumi-chan28

009. Dragon Style Meme TEMPLATE by *suzidragonlady

010. Equine Style Meme by ~Diikae

011. MLP Art Meme Template by ~Marbletoast

012. Nuke's Furry Meme Template by ~NukeHowlnile

013. Wolf Pose Meme by =Lucky978

014. Wolf Style Meme - blank by ~blayrd

These memes ask about your favorite characters/games and such. They assume you are part of a certain fandom, obviously.

015. Character meme - template by ~RoseNightshade

016. Character Obsession Meme by =Zilleniose

017. Disney Meme by ~Draw-Bunny

018. The Disney Movie Meme by ~AppreciatesArt

019. Fakemon Meme Template by *ShadeScarKnight

020. Favorite Characters Meme by ~oddballkimin

021. Favourite Pokemon blank by *Zhampy

022. Favorite Villains Meme Blank by ~Paranormal-one

023. Inoni's MGS Meme by *Inonibird

024. Jackie Chan Adventures Meme by ~brecelet

025. Meet My MLP FIM OC Meme - Blank by ~DistractionDragon

026. Meme Blank - Pokemon Part 1 by ~phantompanther

027. Meme Blank - Pokemon Part 2 by *phantompanther

028. MLP Meme Template by tilastrinity by ~Naiefae

029. My Little Pony FiM MeMe by *Don-ko

030. My very own meme by ~Kawaii-Chocobo (videogames)

031. NEW CHALLENGER MEME by *Robaato (Street Fighter)

032. The Nintendo Meme by ~DragonKazooie89

033. Pokemon Meme by *ChibiSilverWings

034. Pokemon Meme Maker by ~ShadowxofxLight

035. Pokemon Type Meme by ~aquamizuko

036. Silent Hill Blank Meme by ~VampSavat

037. SILENT MEME by ~f0x-b0y

038. Smash Bros Meme by ~AlisaChristopher

039. Spyro the Dragon Meme -BLANK- by *xxMoonwish

040. Transformers Art Meme by *Transformergirl

041. Videogame meme by Dimo by *dimorali

-Number/Mad Libs-
These memes have you pick a few characters and assign them each a number. The characters are then put into different situations determined by their assigned number. It's like Mad Libs, but with characters instead of words.

Pick an OC or favorite character and fill these out. Some may help you draw reference pictures or help with consistency/details.

067. 100 Question OC Challenge Meme by *lemondragon19

068. 30 Characters meme template by ~teisama

069. 50 Character Meme by ~KoopaKidDS

070. AC's Character Fun Day Meme by ~AllyCatStar

071. Advanced OC Meme - Blank by ~NatahanKataka

072. Alternate Reality Meme by ~DaziPerturbed

073. Alternate Universe Meme by ~brushtail-thegreat

074. Amusing Meme - Blank Template by ~AllennellA

075. Arger's DNA mixer meme blank by ~arger

076. Argers genetic lab meme blank by ~arger

077. AthenaNina's OC Meme- Blank by *AthenaNina

078. Basic Character Sheet - Meme by ~LigerNekoka

079. Beastly OC Meme by ~llToyBoxll

080. Build your OC meme by `Tajii-chan

081. Character Age Meme Blank by =nozomi-sama

082. Character Challenge Meeeeeme by *kinkei

083. Character Design Exercise by ~chibineechan

084. Character Development Meme by ~Anzuronamin

085. Character form meme - blank by ~Tatchu

086. Character Meme - template by ~Crysanthes

087. Character Meme by *LizThatsMe

088. Character Meme 2 by *LizThatsMe

089. Character meme - template by ~RoseNightshade

090. Character Meme by ~TheRedCello

091. Character Meme by ~Zelle-Sama

092. Character Meme I - Ages by ~amberneely

093. Character Reference Blank by ~AngelAndChangeling

094. Character Variety Meme - large by *veddabredda

095. Character Variety Meme by =fyuvix

096. Char Improvement Meme Blank by ~AngelAndChangeling

097. Complete Character Abuse Meme by ~khari-guardian

098. Consistency Exercise Rainbows by *vert-is-ninja

099. Crazy Character MeMe template by ~ChrisDayo

100. Create an OC - Blank Meme by =Autumnbirds

101. Create your own team Meme by ~AdamTheJoker

102. Creator Meme by ~Phycosmiley

103. Dawnies OC Meme by *yamidawn

104. Detail Whore meme Template by ~RoseNightshade

105. dMemeBlank by ~ChaoticMiko

106. Do YOU know your oc meme by =Renacido

107. Dream-Meme by ~Running-Gecko

108. Epic Character Meme by ~elf-human

109. Face Structure Meme by ~VERENthelion

110. Family meme by *Spectral-Ninja

111. Fanservice Meme Template by ~meganecrew

112. Fantasy Meme Blank by ~Retaya

113. Flesh Out OC Meme - Blank by ~NatahanKataka

114. Frisby's Male OC meme by ~KooboriSapphire

115. Game Enemies Meme .Template. by ~scribblin

116. Grow up Meme by ~Soulrah

117. Hand Meme Blank by ~Zerinity

118. HEAVENSONG'S Character Meme by ~heavensong

119. Inkswitch OC Meme by ~WarriorPoetess

120. instead of DOING a meme... by ~Ayuna-chan

121. It's your movie meme by *SharpieMachines

122. Kish's char reaction meme by ~Kish-Kashi

123. Ladies and Gentlemen Meme by ~Fiammy93

124. Lucario375's Meme Template by ~Tofer17

125. Make Your OC A Dragon Meme Template by ~GigaPipen1407

126. Make your OC SCREAM meme by ~kawaiiPASTA

127. Meme of AWKWARDNESS by *JWiesner

128. Meme of AWKWARDNESS 2 by *JWiesner

129. Mess With Your OC :meme: by *flowerbanana

130. Monster Potion Meme: Blank Sheet by ~SpiketheKlown

141. Multiple Oc Meme by *emi-ku

142. My Megga Meme by ~RainbowAquila

143. My OC meme template by ~Kumo-No-Kuchi

144. my OC's pet meme by ~Octi-chan

145. My Villainous meme template by ~midniteoil

146. Neglected OC Meme_Blank by *Arai-Hime

147. Neoluckys Crazy Meme BLANK by ~SebiTheLost

148. not cleverly named OC meme by ~neko-sora-daycare

149. THE OC ANATOMY MEME by ~insanelysickpyro

150. OC as dA user meme by *Smoludozerka

151. OC Attributes Meme -Blank- by =Sorelliena

152. OC BFF Meme Template. by =Hetherly92

153. OC Birthday Meme by ~ccRask

154. OC Counselling Meme by *AriadneArca

155. OC Character Album Meme blank by ~AxHiaLuS

156. OC Daily Life Meme by ~christohpera

157. OC Development Meme by *Been2HeLLnBack

158. Meme blank: OC Development by ~Imouto-Thi

159. OC Development Meme by ~TigerMoonCat

150. OC FIGHTING ACTION MEME by *CrystalStarSpirit

161. OC Hybrid Meme by =KaceHanaki

162. OC Inspiration Meme Blank by =IzzyWinkle

163. OC Meme by ~silverstream25

164. OC MEME - Blank by ~ShinaUchihaHaruno

165. OC Meme by ~sk8erg1rl96

166. OC Meme Blank by ~Inufreak21

167. OC Meme by ~WolfgirlWolf

168. The OC Merge Meme by ~jeagerjack

169. OC Music Genre Meme - template by ~Crysanthes

170. OC Nightmare meme by ~Bluepuppy101

171. Oc Personal Life Meme by ~Sacredmoonlight

172. OC Photo Album Meme by ~Frozen-lullaby

173. OC Reaction Meme Template by ~mt1608

174. OCs are people too MEME by ~armoured-armadillo

175. OC SKETCH MEME - BLANK by *MadameNyx

176. OC Spectrum Meme BLANK by = DustBunnyThumper

177. Original Character MEME by *EmeraldTokyo

178. Owner's Manual Meme template by =TheDark7

179. Puffy Halloween-Meme by *Ravenpuff

180. Random Meme by ~AdamTheJoker

181. Reaction MeMe by ~Oh-Mrs-O

182. Scenario Generator Meme by ~yourpleasantdarkness

183. Self Esteem Meme - BLANK by =Insid

184. Silly Romance Meme by ~Aeori

185. Sins and Virtues: The Meme by ~Rentoraa-the-Luxray

186. Sorely Unasked Oc meme blank by ~Ishiji

187. Switch-A-Roo Meme by ~KimmitheHealer

188. Template: Humiliation Meme by *Zeirai

189. The Villain Meme by ~Shellnekoconeko

190. Triple Interview OC Meme-Blank by ~darkgiuly90


192. Vice VS. Virtue Meme by ~Laffen91

193. Voice Over Meme by ~JessamineDiane

194. Your Ocs Journal Meme Original by ~Jessi-Korpse

Prompts for drawing facial expressions and poses.

195. 12 Emotion Expression Challenge by ~myoo89

196. 25 Essential Expressions by *napalmnacey

197. 25 Smiles Challenge by ~Zerinity

198. 35 Expressions Meme English by *Tiiara

199. ABC Expression Meme by ~33Snickerdoodle33

200. The Action Pose Meme by ~heavenly-hands

201. ACTION Pose Meme BLANK by *tazsaints

202. Body Language Meme by *ReincarnatedParano

203. Can you Lift It? Meme by ~AnnieHyena

204. The Character Expressions Meme by ~kittydemonchild

205. Character poses meme by `meikahidenori

206. Emoticon Expression Meme by ~OokamiNoTsubasa

207. Emotion Chart Meme by *EmeraldTokyo


209. Feelings Representation Meme by *SimonGannon

210. Five Levels of Emotion by ~InspectorBumbleBee

211. Expression Meme by ~Aikodea

212. ExpressionMEMEofABSOLUTEhell by =Shadows-penn

213. ExpressionMemefrmHell2 by =Shadows-penn

214. Expression variation meme by *WolfPearl

215. expression turnaround template by *chronicdoodler

216. Fucking annoying poses meme by ~amberneely

217. Fucking Annoying Poses V2.0 by ~amberneely

218. Full Body Reaction Pose Meme by ~amberneely

219. "Furrowed Brow" Meme by ~Tamara-tan

220. Marlin's Pose Meme by *Marlin-Rae

221. Photobooth meme by =Wyvernadas

222. PewdiePie Facial Expression Meme :blank: by ~CookiekatNya

223. Pixiv Expression Meme: English by ~NotSoFluent

224. PLZ Account MEME -BLANK- by =Shadows-penn

225. The Plz Meme by ~chillyfranco

226. Pose Meme by ~ProfessorEliot

227. RMD's 100 Expression Meme by *RedMoonDragon

228. RMD Ultimate Expression Meme by *RedMoonDragon

229. Smile face meme by ~david-w-Hannah

230. Smiles Meme by ~PearlDolphin

231. The Ultimate Meme's Meme by ~Chivi-chivik

These memes have you draw different hairstyles and outfits.

232. alternate costume meme by ~CheckerCherries

233. Attlantic's lol Meme by =Attlantic

234. CharriePrivacyViolation by ^IridescentStardust

235. Clothes make a man - meme by *KitsuneKittis

236. Clothing Styles Meme by ~FRUiTY-DiNO

237. Costume Challenge Meme by ~KingDvo

238. Costume Meme by ~kittycatchan

239. Facial Hair Meme by ~Plutos-Eye

240. Fandom Wardrobe Meme ~Blank~ by ~MiaTheFeline

241. The hair meme by ~Reggamuffin

242. Hairstyle Meme -Blank- by *Altalamatox

243. Hime's costume meme BLANK by *Hime-Takamura

244. Nijuunis Wardrobe Meme BLANK by ~xxwing

245. Oc costume and cosplay meme by =Sarah-the-ninja-101

246. Outfit Design Challenge by ~Rymaru

247. Outfit meme blank by *vinillaskylight

248. Pyroginas ThemeMeme by = pyrogina

249. Stereotype Meme .Blank. by ~AcceptChaos

250. Style-Fashion Meme by ~KelpyKrad

251. Time Period Meme by ~lydia27

252. Wrong Place Meme - BLANK by ~Deathinator

Personal Memes mostly ask questions about you or your art. Photo Memes you fill out with actual photographs, not drawings.

253. The 100 Facts Meme - ORIGINAL by =TheBrigeeda

254. 20 people Meme by =JLindseyB

255. 7-Facts-Meme by ~HachimonTonko

256. Art Meme by *nyu

257. Ash Fantastic's PLUSHIE MEME by *AshFantastic

258. Bedhead Meme template by `yuumei

259. Best Friend Meme - Blank by ~Diikae

260. Best Friend Meme Template by ~ichi-tori

261. Best Friend Meme Template by ~shicmap

262. Childhood Meme- Blank by ~susieboo22

263. Cosplay Meme template by *Malindachan

264. DEAR___ PLEASE MAKE THIS FACE by ~Lamashan

265. DeviantMeme Template by ~GigaPipen1407

266. Drawing Tools Meme by =SpreeUnit

267. Favorite Movie Guessing Meme by ~Griff-Kendu

268. FEmale-self Meme blank by ~cagali

269. Figure Meme template by ~knittedsocks (Action Figures)

270. Get to know me meme_Blank by ~drawmeadream

271. Handwriting Meme - blank by ~the-green-beanie

272. Haunting A Game MEME by ~fagonstar

273. THE I bet you can't do it MEME by ~Neonlightwolf

274. If I were a meme - blank version by ~Nefermeritaset

275. If your life was a controller by ~OmegaJoe

276. If Your Mind Was A Room Blank by ~KaliKuks

277. Influence Map Template by `fox-orian

278. Life Achievements meme BLANK by =TheBonker

279. Man-self meme--blank by ~cagali

280. me meme template by *Narsilion

281. Meme Of Epic Boredom -blank- by ~Avatar2016

282. My Gallery in a Meme - Blank by ~Xiaoyu85ve

283. Personal Quirk Meme -BLANK- by ~ZoZoBlAcKiEcHaN

284. Picture :meme: Template by ~NekoBoyLeStrange

285. Random Drawing Meme by ~Anasatcia

286. Room Meme: Blank by ~XToxicityX

287. School Meme by ~susieboo22

288. Share the Luv -A Charity Meme by *checkered-fadora

289. The 100 Facts Meme - ORIGINAL by =TheBrigeeda

290. Watchlist Meme by *joiachi

291. What Is Me Meme Template by =SkooIsCoo

292. What would you do meme by ~Kiwi-ingenuity123

This is kind of a "miscellaneous" category. These are mostly just random prompts and situations for you to draw. I think some of these would help with artist's block, but your mileage may vary.

293. _____ meme by ~pichu4850

294. 10 doodles exercise template by ~CatharsisJB

295. A La Carte Meme by ~amberneely

296. Ambidextrous Meme by ~Miimochi

297. A Memer's Meme by ~IcyBowser

298. Art Block Meme Blank by *WindieDragon

299. Artist Self Evaluation meme by *careko

300. Blank Meme by ~Svenly

301. Closed Eyes MEME by ~Tomoko-chan03

302. Colour Scheme Challenge by ~Rozzers

303. comes to mind meme by ~Groovychic67

304. the game of things OC MEME by *mom1995577

305. HeartOfGold727's Random Meme by = perplexingPariah

306. I say this, do that _MEME_ by ~SpiritOfSol

307. Mad Scientist Meme BLANK by *Pau-Norontaus

308. Meme of Randomness by ~SnowFlower55

309. Meme - Music is my Muse by *ShamanEileen

310. Mistake Meme by ~Byakughan

311. Music Meme - original blank by ~maeoneechan

312. Music Shuffle Meme - Blank by ~Shandibear

313. one day you wake up meme by ~gehobene

314.PERILOUS MEME -blank- by *spookydoom

315. rabbit's colour scheme challenge by ~AHugeRabbit

316. Random Doodle Meme by ~Phycosmiley

317. Random Meme 2 by ~AdamTheJoker

318. Supply teacher meme BLANK by ~ParadiseSunflowers

319. WTFery Meme Template by ~MizzRandumb

320. Your Dream Videogame Meme by ~MrPr1993

321. Zhiibe No-Eyes Meme Template by *Zhiibe

322. Zombie Apocalypse Meme Blank by *Ninja-Chic

331. Character History and Development Meme Blank by =Saiyandudette

332. Chibi Meme by ~IslandWriter

333. Complete Style meme -blank- by ~SabakuNoJackce

334. The CRAFTERS Meme by *MistyFigs

335. Draw it BAD meme by ~AwesomebyAccident

336. Dreamnorn's Style Meme by *Dreamnorn

337. Game Styles Meme by ~juanito316ss

338. Genderbend Meme - Template by ~Not-Lazy-Unmotivated

339. PIXIV style meme by =contra-rawr

340. Redesign Reimagine Meme by *aznswordmaster1

341. So I made my own style meme by ~kitchenlamb

342. Style exercices meme by *Goku-chan

343. Style Meme by *Thats-Your-Funeral

344. Style Meme by `Yamino

345. Style Meme from PIXIV by ~Rubber-Soul

346. Style meme template by *ScereyahaDreamweaver

347. Style Meme Template by ~Jetster1

348. Jetster1 Style meme...Round 2 by ~Jetster1

349. Traditional Art Meme BLANK by ~Skadi-Skadi-No-Mi

350. "what if meme" blank by ~julzikat

Time is the main theme of these memes. Draw different time periods, ages, or your own artistic improvements over time.

351. Before and After MEME by ~Lovelove333

352. Character Development Meme by *Kamakru

353. DesLacooda's OC Design Meme by = DesLacooda

354. Meme: Before and After by *Bampire

355. OC Evolution meme - blank by *Becken95

356. OC EVO MEME BLANK by ~OkiRose

357. time warp template by *XDais

You need one or more partners to do these memes. Grab a friend!

These are lists of prompts/challenges, and a group dedicated to memes.

100technique meme list by #100techniquememe
100 themes meme - blank by ~dcvc1234
Project 365 Days - Blank Meme by ~Ynne666
So I made an art-meme (edit 270509) by *muura
Ultimate Background Challenge by *Charanty

#MEME-Station deviantART Gallery

-Random Number Generator-

I found a tool to help you guys pick memes randomly! Here's how to use it:
  1. After following the link below, type in how many numbers you want generated (I usually just pick 1 but it's default is 100).
  2. Then, in the next two boxes, type the range you want the generator to choose from. For example, if I only wanted to do a meme from the Characters/OCs category, I would type in 67 and 194, which is the number range of that category.
  3. Finally, click "Get Numbers," and you should... Get your numbers. XD In this case, I got 146, so I would do Meme 146- Neglected OC Meme.
So now you can see why I went through the hassle of numbering them all, huh? Hope my explanation is of some use- I know some people can just figure it out themselves, but I want to make sure everyone gets it so they can use the generator.

Anyways, here's the generator! Hope it's useful to someone!

Like it says... GIANT LIST OF MEMES! D:

Enjoy. ^^;
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bookworm518 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student Writer
No writing memes :(
Umbra-Exe Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, sorry... I only do visual art, so I didn't think to collect any writing memes. I could add some in the future, but I can't guarantee they'll be any good, seeing as how I'm not a writer... ^^; But I will take it into account.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention!
bookworm518 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Student Writer
thatsthedirection Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist
I'm going to steal this idea. XD
I love organizing things.
Yeah... I'm kind of a nerd I guess... >.<
Umbra-Exe Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, no worries, I love organizing things as well! (Hence, this list. XD)

This sort of thing happened in my Theatrical Costuming class a lot...
Imagine me sorting hundreds of safety pins by size and color, only to have my classmates mess them all up again a few minutes later. :|
Brawler001 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh. My. GOD. This is freaking HUGE! Holy crap! How long did it take to find all these?!
Umbra-Exe Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Umm... I really don't know. A week or two? Maybe just a few days? I got most of these a while ago (in May). I sometimes just pick up a couple a day, but on some days, I find a bunch. I actually added a few just before posting this. XD

...But it's not finding them that's the hard part... It's organizing them. :iconscaredplz:
Brawler001 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student General Artist
I wish I had as much determination and patience as you do. Where did you find all these? It's... AMAZING!
Organizing looks like a huge hassle. :noes:
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